Josh Russell, Millennium Training Strategy  Co-Chair and  Jan Brown, Director of Workforce Development, Millennium Collaborative Care at the May Population Heath Conference.

A key initiative driving positive change involves the efforts of our Workforce Development Committee to prepare today for the needs of tomorrow.

To assist their work, the Committee is currently engaged in an outreach effort to partner with Western New York educational institutions. The goal is to make connections to share information and identify training programs that address healthcare workforce shortages and redeployments in Millennium partner facilities.

Here are just a few ways educational institution representatives can get involved:

  • Meet with Millennium Training Strategy subcommittee representatives to discuss healthcare workforce resource alignment.
  • Provide and promote trainings that support DSRIP initiatives and objectives.
  • Sit on the Millennium Training Strategy subcommittee

For further information, please contact our Millennium Workforce Committee representatives:
Josh Russell Millennium Training Strategy  Co-Chair
Siobhan Kemblowski Millennium Training Strategy  Co-Chair–
Jan Brown  Director of Workforce Development Millennium Collaborative Care


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