Why Healthcare Change?

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All patients deserve quality healthcare

For a number of years there has been a movement to encourage patient-centered medical care in which patients develop a relationship with their physicians that includes quality communication and a focus on coordinating their total healthcare.

Research has shown that patients would like to be heard and that their healthcare concerns are taken seriously.

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There is a need to reinvest in healthcare spending

The first step is to reduce avoidable hospital use by 25 percent over five years. We can do this by reducing hospital re-admissions and the use of hospitals as the first choice for medical care. By saving costs we can reinvest in providing each patient with quality health care.

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There is value in focusing on quality care

More services are not always better. Healthcare change means payments for services will be based on the quality and the value of the healthcare patients receive instead of the amount of services rendered. This Value Based Payments (VBP) system requires providers to work together to improve patient care.

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