The New York State Department of Health has announced VBP U: Sophomore Year.

The second year of VBP U will include additional semesters of materials that serve as a deeper dive into VBP fundamentals.

Similar to Freshman Year, all semesters will include quizzes, which can be completed with the goal of receiving a VBP U: Sophomore Year Certificate of Completion.

-Semester Two – August 2018

VBP U Semester Two is designed to provide additional guidance related to Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) in the context of Value Based Payments (VBP). Behavioral Health services and services to address SUD play critical roles in the strengthening of provider networks to improve health outcomes and create efficiencies. In many cases, strong links between physical health and Behavioral Health services, including SUD services, will establish provider networks that are truly capable of spanning the complete spectrum of care for an individual. The content contained within this release is intended to supplement VBP U’s recent rollout and focuses on the five key principles of Behavioral Health.

VBP and Behavioral Health
Behavioral Health 101 video
Behavioral Health 102 video

VBP and Behavioral Health Arrangements: An Overview
Integrated Primary Care (IPC) Arrangement video
Health and Recovery Plan (HARP) Arrangement video

VBP and Behavioral Health Key Principles
Five Key Principles of Behavioral Health Narrative

Semester 2 Quiz


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