Value Based Payments

There is a value in focusing on quality care

Our current health care system has evolved into a cycle of reacting to a patient’s illness by trying a number of medical services. Research has shown that this approach is not working – patients are not getting better despite the increase in health care delivery costs.

More Services are not always better. Healthcare Change means payments for medical services will be based on the quality and the value of the healthcare patients receive instead of the amount of services rendered. This Value Based Payments (VBP) system requires providers to work together to improve patient care and ultimately impact better healthcare for the communities providers serve. It is hoped that a Value Based Payment System will create savings that can be shared throughout the health care system. Providers will benefit when patients get better healthcare outcomes.

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The Path to Value Based Payments

In 2015 the New York Department of Health designed a plan focused on placing patients back at the center of the healthcare system and award providers who do their best to provide quality care that improves the health and lives of their patients.

Why is this Important? Because…

  • All Patients deserve quality healthcare
  • A system change will allow providers the opportunity to focus on their missions to improve the health and lives in the communities they serve.

The Current Fee for Service System

  • This system is not working. Under a fee for service system patients were getting sicker and many were using hospital emergency rooms as their first choice for primary care.

“In other words, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, we’re just trying to connect the dots so the system operates better.”

– Al Hammonds, CSSBB
Executive Director

A Focus on Improving the Health and Lives in the Communities Providers Serve

A Valued Based Payment System requires providers to focus on the delivery of quality care by implementing coordinated preventative and primary care services to patients.

There is a goal to provide participating providers 80-90% of managed care payments.

Why the Implementation of DSRIP and Millennium Collaborative Care’s Work is important to the VBS Plan?

Millennium Collaborative Care as a Performing Provider System (PPS), is tasked with implementing DSRIP in an effort to transform the state’s Medicaid health care delivery system from a fragmented inpatient care focused system to an integrated and community based system.

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