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By Al Hammonds, CSSBB, Executive Director

They say a picture speaks 1,000 words…

And as I shared with our team,  just a “few” that come to mind for me when looking at the MCC team photo below are: “Great looking group!” “Folks having fun!” “Blessed with a beautiful summer day!”

Like many organizations, Millennium – thanks to great work by our Employee Committee – got away from the office recently for an afternoon to enjoy our terrific Buffalo summer weather. Overall, it was a perfect capstone to an extremely busy DY4 first quarter!

The Millennium Team enjoyed a fun-filled Employee Picnic at Island Park in Williamsville, NY.


At the top of our list coming out of Q1 and charging into Q2 is our Master Participation Agreements Go-Forward Strategy.

Our team has developed a provider incentive and funds flow model for the upcoming Master Participation Agreement (MPA) contract period, which will correspond to Measurement Year (MY) 5: July 1, 2018–June 30, 2019. This period also overlaps significantly with Demonstration Year (DY) 4 (April 1, 2018–March 31, 2019).

We have identified certain principles that will guide the development of these incentives in addition to several categories of funding that will be associated with the DY4/MY5 MPAs:

Our incentive development principles include:

  • Eliminate scripted workflow and process measures.
  • Narrow scope: Concentrate on metrics and allow individual providers to submit their own plans.
  • Evaluate lowering improvement percentage thresholds.
  • Try to move away from self-reported measures where possible and have Millennium provide consistent performance data.
  • Have performance management scorecards completed and rolled out by next MPA launch date.

We are pulling ahead $7 million of future DY5 funding to create energy and focus to close out DY5.


Funding categories associated with the DY4/MY5 MPAs will be:

Traditional MPA Deliverables:

  • Focus on P4P improvement: PCP access, hospital utilization, and behavioral health.
  • Smoking cessation and depression medication adherence are high-performance measures.
  • Open to all partners.

Bonus Program:

  • Continue regional programs limited to our highest-impact/highest-volume providers based on Medicaid attributed lives in the Niagara, Erie, and Southern Tier regions.
  • Millennium Chase List: Practice-specific list of Millennium-attributed patients that will have a direct impact on the Millennium P4P measure if the gap in care is addressed.
  • Per-patient incentive.

Best Practices:

  • Millennium-defined programs that will be offered to a limited number of partners only.

Innovation Fund:

  • Collaborative provider-defined programs that are proposed to Millennium and evaluated for potential funding.
  • Similar to Bonus Program “seed funding” but open to all MPA participants to propose initiatives.

Social Determinants of Health

  • We have developed a funding model and expect to have detailed, finalized allocations and MPA deliverables

As you can see, we have a sharp focus on our DY4/MY5 MPA strategy… and we’re looking forward to rolling it out to you later this summer.

“Performance and Sustainability”
In the final two years of DSRIP, Millennium’s focus has turned from engagement and implementation to performance and sustainability. We will continue to work in collaboration with our partner network of over 60 organizations (over 103 facilities) across the eight counties of Western New York. Together, our goal remains to focus on the over 270,000 attributed Medicaid lives to reduce potentially preventable emergency room visits, potentially avoidable re-admissions to hospitals, and potentially avoidable admissions to hospitals.

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