Joe Eberle, Chief Analytics Officer

Joe Eberle was promoted to Chief Analytics Officer, Data and Analytics in September 2018. Joe succeeded Jon Phillips, who transited into “semi-retirement” as an Executive Consultant following successful work to build the foundation for Millennium’s Data and Analytics capabilities.

As Chief Analytics Officer, Joe reports to Al Hammonds, Executive Director, and is a member of the Millennium Executive Leadership Team. He also maintains overall accountability for the ongoing development and implementation of Millennium’s Data and Analytics vision, mission and strategy; is accountable for the continued management and development of Data and Analytics staff; serves as a primary interface with Master Participation Agreement and industry partners; and leads the overall implementation and management of Millennium’s healthcare data capabilities.

Joe joined Millennium in January 2018 as Director, Data and Analytics. Prior to Millennium, Joe served as a Consultant with HealthNow; Chief Executive Officer/Chief Technical Officer, Intelligent Care Management (ICM); and Director of Analytics, Computer Task Group. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the State University of New York at Brockport.

Joe Eberle

Chief Analytics Officer
Phone: 716-898-1954

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