Introducing the Millennium Learning Center … the Workforce Development and Training and Education hub of Millennium Collaborative Care.

Located on the lower half of the landing page of ; the Millennium Learning Center is your “One Stop” for Workforce Development… and Training and Education.

The Training and Education application allows users to take project-focused required courses and optional courses outlined in the Millennium Reference Guides. This training application allows you to take courses at your own pace. You can start a course… leave the system… and come back at a later time to complete your course work.

Web-based and easy to use; the Workforce Development resources (Recruitment Tools; Workforce Reporting) allow end users to input timely updates to mission-critical workforce information including hires, spending, budget, compensation, training and much more. With Millennium’s Workforce Development online, you can now access the system at any time to make a change or update previous entered information, creating a continuously updated “24/7” picture of your workforce operations.

As healthcare system transformation will continue to create significant new and exciting employment opportunities for appropriately prepared workers; the Millennium Learning Center is a new tool ready to meet your employment-related needs.



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