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By Katie Gibas  |  April 4, 2018 @4:44 PM

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Two newly-created organizations, Person Centered Services or PCS and Prime Care Coordination, will now help coordinate the services people with disabilities receive. Advocates say it will allow for a single entry point to help people across Western New York access all the services they might need.

“Access to food, transportation, housing. It’s better coordinated care for the community, for this developmentally disabled population,” said Al Hammonds, Millennium Collaborated Care executive director.

“This allows us to hopefully as a system respond to needs in a more timely way as they change,” said Megan O’Connor, the State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities deputy commissioner of service delivery. “It provides more cross-systems coordination and particularly for individuals who have complex needs.”

Hundreds of employees are transitioning from dozens of local organizations serving people with disabilities, with 75 employees from People Inc. transitioning to PCS.

“We may have in the past connected someone to a service. Now we’re going to connect them and follow up,” said Rhonda Frederick, the People Inc. president & CEO.

“We’re going to be able to have a better view of their utilization, outcome measures and hopefully drive improvements,” said Bridget Bartolone, the executive director of Person Centered Services.

According to the state Office for People with Developmental Disabilities,  there won’t be any changes to a person’s supports and services as this transition takes place, unless individuals receiving services request changes; but one must sign up for the new care coordination, and local organizations are already doing outreach to help people make that transition.

The transition is already underway and will be complete by July 1, which is when all Care coordination services begin under the new organizations.


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