By Christine Blidy, Chief Network Officer, DSRIP

In early Fall of this year, Millennium will be launching a new regional Clinical Integration Program highlighted by an opportunity to earn substantial incentive funds.

The program will be established in each of three regions:

  • Southern Tier
  • Niagara County
  • Erie County.

It will be open to Partners within each respective region including:

  • Regional Hospital.
  • Primary Care Providers and Clinics that serve a large number of Medicaid recipients.
  • Behavioral Health Agencies/Providers within each respective region.

The incentive funds will be earned by managing the Millennium Medicaid population in the defined region as demonstrated by meeting quality and value-based targets. Achieving these targets will result in the award of a substantial amount of incentive dollars that will be shared among Partners.

Program Goals

The goals of this new program are multi-dimensional including:

  • Create a collaborative partnership that brings multiple provider types together to meet established quality and value based targets.
  • Promote a population health and value driven management approach across the full spectrum of care in this region.
  • Establish shared performance measures and targets focusing on value driven metrics such as:
    • Primary Care Access.
    • Decreased utilization of hospital services such as preventable emergency room visits, avoidable admissions and 30 day readmissions.
    • Linking patients to supportive services that will address barriers to quality care.
    • Supportive management of behavioral health challenges and conditions.
    • Compliance with national quality standards.
    • Facilitate provider relationships across multiple care settings to ensure each region is strongly positioned to manage future value-based contracting arrangements with the managed care companies.

Millennium Support

As we approach the Fall, Millennium looks forward to engaging with Partners based in the Southern Tier, Niagara and Erie regions and providing a wide range of support including:

  • Program development and facilitation.
  • Provision of funds to cover start-up costs and program development.
  • Analytics via the Population Health Management system that is being implemented by Millennium for use across the eight counties of Western New York. (This will include the identification of gaps in care and actionable opportunities to improve quality and outcomes.)

Thank you in advance for participation in what we feel is an innovative approach that will ultimately result in providers in each region gaining additional experience and expertise in Population Health Management and Value Based Care, and in turn, earning financial rewards for value driven performance; and the overall increase in value and quality health care for the Medicaid population.




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