By Al Hammonds, CSSBB, Executive Director

Man, we’re living in interesting times!

Healthcare in America has been on a rollercoaster ride; and the ups and downs of change keep coming at us at what seems like a mile a minute!

No doubt, it’s been easy to get consumed with policy and process; and how new programs like “Pay-For-Performance” are going to work. These are all important.

As I was reminded recently by a re-wind of Jason Helgerson’s remarks at our May Population Health Conference, “HOW” we are working to improve healthcare is not MOST important. What’s most important, and what we need to keep clearly in focus, is the “WHY” behind everything we do.

“The 6.2 million people in the Medicaid program are real human beings,” said Jason in the video of his presentation that’s posted on the Millennium Facebook page.

“They have real lives; they have needs; they have families; they have caregivers who care for them; and we have taken that collaborative responsibility of trying to help improve the quality of care for them very seriously because they rely on those services each and every day.”

New York State’s Medicaid Director is right! The good news for the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program (DSRIP) – as Jason also reaffirmed – is that nothing happening in Washington puts the funds for the program at risk. The fact is the previous Administration approved a five-year waiver that will remain intact into 2020. The American Health Care Act does not change the New York State DSRIP program.

So, what will you see from Millennium in the next quarter? Even more hustle and sense of urgency to keep advancing system transformation, clinical integration, and real change across Western New York  communities.

Achieving the lofty goal of reducing potentially preventable Emergency Department visits and/or re-admissions by 25 percent is going to require a continued focus on Population Health; transitioning to the Value Based Payments model; accelerating Pay-For Performance; and ultimately, continuing to work closely with our Partners on major system change. We think we are going to keep making an impact in these key areas, and keep showing major improvement in our metrics.

And while “numbers” matter, they don’t matter MOST. The women, men and children who depend on Medicaid for high quality healthcare are the ultimate “WHY” behind everything that we’re striving to do.

 Population Health Conference Thank You!!! 

Millennium’s May Population Health Conference earned a “thumbs up” from  attendees including Tom Quatroche, Jr. Ph.D, President & CEO, ECMC;  Dr. Jonathan Burroughs, MD,MBA,FACE,FAAPL,President and CEO, The Burroughs Healthcare Consulting Network, Inc. ; Anne Constantino, President and CEO, Horizon Health Services, Chair, Millennium Board of Managers; Al Hammonds, CSSBB, Executive Director, Millennium Collaborative Care.

Sincerest thanks to all Partners for attending and enthusiastically engaging in our recent Population Health Conference! Overall, the Conference exceeded our expectations, and the feedback we continue to receive has been overwhelmingly positive.

There were two major anchor talks that drove the day.

Dr. Jon Burroughs’ presentation on Population Health and what it means on a global scale; and New York State Medicaid Director Jason Helgerson’s message around DSRIP and how that connects to Population Health. Both received great reviews.

The third was the Value Based Panel that was facilitated by Ann Monroe, Co-Chair NYS DSRIP Project Approval and Oversight Panel and Former President.  Health Foundation for Western and Central New York, that also received excellent feedback.

As we look ahead to holding a possible Conference in 2018, we continue to invite your feedback, input and ideas.

  • Al

New York State Medicaid Director Jason Helgerson presented the afternoon keynote.


Ann Monroe, Co-Chair NYS DSRIP Project Approval and Oversight Panel and Former President.  Health Foundation for Western and Central New York, facilitated the discussion on “Value Based Payment” including panelists Richard Braun, Senior Vice President, Finance/ CFO, Upper Allegheny Health System; Christine Blidy, Chief Network Officer, Millennium Collaborative Care; and Wren Keber, Vice President, Cope Health Solutions.

May Population Health Conference Re-Play

Facebook Photo Album: MCC Population Health Conference

Facebook Video replays of all presentations








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