Rita Hubbard-Robinson, JD, Host, Millennium Health Matters Radio Show, Project Director, Patient Activation Measures and Engagement; and Ms. Gwen Hunt, avid Millennium Health Matters radio show listener.

By Courtney McDermott

The Millennium Health Matters radio show is broadcast every Monday at 7:30 PM on WUFO Mix 1080 AM/Power 96.5 FM and over the internet to listeners across Western New York’s eight counties.

Hosted by Rita Hubbard-Robinson, and featuring expert guest representatives from across a wide spectrum of healthcare and community-based organizations; Health Matters strives to share key information about healthcare delivery improvement efforts; updates on community-based organization events and training opportunities; and news and information listeners can use to engage in healthy living.

Who are the members of Millennium Health Matters’ audience? … and why do they take time out to engage with our radio program? We invited Ms. Gwen Hunt, an avid radio show listener, to tell us more about her interest in Millennium’s program.


MILLENNIUM: Tell me a little bit about yourself… how long have you lived in Buffalo, any organizations you may be a part of and anything you’d like to share…

GWEN HUNT: My name is Gwen Hunt, I’ve been in Buffalo all my life. I was born in Birmingham, Alabama but I’ve been here since I was a very young child…I am president of the St. Mary road block club. I belong to Lincoln Memorial United Methodist church, my pastor is George Nicholas, love it! I work at ECC city campus in the EOP department, love my job! I love what I do and this is my second go around of a job. I worked 25 years previously at Buffalo Prenatal Perinatal Network, I liked working there but… it was time to go.

M: How did you end up hearing about the Millennium Health Matters radio show?

GH: I happened to be surfing and I heard Rita … and it was interesting because I wanted to find out what it was about; so ever since then I started listening. Sometimes I can’t listen every week but I do try to listen all that I can and sometimes I even tape the show when she tells me “next week it’s going to be about such and such” and I’m like, I gotta hear that so I need to tape it

M: How long would you say you’ve been listening to the radio show?

GH: Probably about the last about 4 or 5 months

M: What do you get out of listening?

GH: I like it because it’s about the neighborhood, it’s what’s going on in the neighborhood, it’s where you can go. Tells about the health of the people in the neighborhood, it’s everything about the neighborhood. To me, everything seems to be going to Canal Side, so this is something that is for the neighborhood. It’s for me to relate to. I can go to the health clinic here, I can go to the Buffalo Community Health Center and other things and mental health, it’s about what’s going on in the area around here.

M: Is there a specific show or guest that you remember listening to or that kind of stands out to you?

GH: Not really, there was one that I remember but I can’t remember the person’s name when they were talking about… the healthcare disparity among African Americans and how our neighborhoods, the children they are going to school hungry, they’re going to school == you know — just going to school and nobody knows that they’re there…so I kind of enjoyed that, that show was an enlightenment to me. You know somethings or you hear somethings but when you really hear it from somebody that does the data all the time, then it was like “oh wow I thought it was getting better, it’s getting worse!”

M: Why would you recommend this show for other people to listen and what’s the significance for people to really start listening to this show?

GH: I think the significance is — like I said — it’s about the neighborhood. If you don’t know something you can’t do anything about it, but the show is there to tell us so it empowers you, it empowers you to say well I’m going to call this number or maybe, even if you don’t hear the phone number or you don’t hear something, you can call Millennium and find out, … I heard this show on Monday and I didn’t get all the information, but I’d like to and you can get information, and its right here.

My thing is the neighborhood, I can tell my neighbors, you need to listen to this show because they’ll tell you different things on the show about what’s going on in the area, what’s going on in the community, where there’s this, where there’s that.

I’m a senior citizen myself and every year I never find out about the senior ball because it’s not on the radio and it doesn’t tell anybody about it. The people that know about it are the people that work at City Hall, those are the people that go, because you work at City Hall. It’s not disseminated out to the neighborhood which it should be. It should be disseminated to the block clubs, it should be disseminated to programs like this here so that you can, everybody can know about it, not just the cluster few.

M: Is there anything else you would like to share about the radio show?

Well the people that do the radio show… Rita Hubbard-Robinson, she’s a very good advocate. She enjoys what she’s doing, she likes what she’s doing and you can feel the passion as she’s talking on the radio about what she’s talking about and if she doesn’t know what she’s talking about she lets whoever is guest is, “I need you to explain that a little bit more, I need you to go more into details tell us a little bit more about that”, and that’s a good thing.

To listen to the interview, visit the Millennium Collaborative Care PPS’s YouTube page:



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