Barbers will monitor your blood pressure

7 September 2017 Joanna Wormald

Customers can check their blood pressure at the same time as getting a haircut

Hair and beauty salons in New York are being turned into health monitoring spots to help older people keep track of their blood pressure.

The Barber & Beauty Shop Initiative has introduced blood pressure cuffs in six salons in Niagara Falls, New York. Run by Millennium Collaborative Care, the aim is to improve awareness of heart health in the community.

“Older community members benefit from the support and advocacy of the barbershop or stylist owners who in many cases may have a decades long relationship with his or her customer,” said Ebony Patterson-White, Millennium Collaborative Care’s community health work coordinator.

She added: “They also benefit from access to an easy to use, reliable self-monitoring blood press cuff in addition to easy-to-understand information that clearly explains appropriate next steps.”

While currently focused on cardiovascular health, the initiative may expand into other medical areas in future. Patterson-White said: “We have begun to evaluate possibilities of incorporating additional health-related screenings to the B&B Health Stops.”

Barbers will monitor your blood pressure




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