By Al Hammonds, CSSBB, Executive Director

By the time you read this, approximately 24 months will remain in the original Delivery Service Incentive Program (DSRIP) five-year initiative. Three years are already behind us with just under two to go!

At this check-in point, two things are solidly on the Millennium team’s mind: “Results” and “Sustainability.” (Add in “Value-based Payment implementation” and our plates are pretty much full!) In short, we know it’s crunch time… and I’m pleased to report, Millennium and our Partners are continuing the trend of improving performance.

While the desire is always to support anecdotal statements with specific numbers, New York State is not scheduled until the May/June time frame to release the official Performance Results for Measurement Year 3 (July 1, 2016–June 30, 2017). So, in the interim, I would like to invite you to hear directly from three Millennium partners on their perceptions of how the Millennium team is adding value. Please take a few moments to click on the “Partner Interview” links below to a view a series of brief videos discussing “Opportunities”, “Results” and “Millennium’s Added Value.”

Our Path to Sustainability
Turning from the rearview mirror to the looking out our windshield, what’s directly ahead on the DSRIP highway Millennium is speeding down? I mentioned “Value-based Payment Implementation” and I direct you to the column below by Christine Blidy, Chief Network Officer. On June 6, Millennium in partnership with Community Partners of WNY; the Health Care Financial Management Association of WNY, and the Healthcare Executive Forum of WNY will host a major conference/learning opportunity for our Partners. The is a vitally important opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Finally, (for the purposes of this brief Quarterly visit with you), I’d like to begin to address the concept of the sustainability of our collective work beyond the official original New York State DSRIP mandate. While there’s no doubt the next 24 months will continue to see substantial progress and results; it’s pretty much universally accepted that the need, combined with the scope of change necessary in the Medicaid space, will outpace the original timeline. Given this, the question we are asking in earnest is how do we deliver on our DSRIP mandate, and in parallel, commence to evolve into a sustainable, entity that continues to add mission-critical value? As with any such endeavor, the question of “Strategy” must come first; and we believe we are in the process of formulating a winning business proposition.

For example, we foresee a future state with three Millennium business units endeavoring to achieve the following respective objectives:

Population Health Services
Provide care coordination to address gaps in care, social determinants, etc. Supports the concept of the medical neighborhood.  A data driven care management service.

VBP & Performance Services
Provide organizational assessment to identify and recommend VBP best fit options.  Evaluate contract term assessment to determine if language is in best interest of provider.  Provides ongoing data on quality and financial performance to assure success of VBP.  Complete final financial reconciliation.

Data Warehouse & Analytics
Provides a Population Health Technology platform with statistical and qualitative analytics.  Uses predictive modeling and risk stratification that supports action oriented care coordination services & impacts trend management.  Performs ongoing evaluation of VBP performance in areas of cost and quality.

I look forward to continue to discuss this strategy with you, and most importantly, to continue to invite your feedback on how Millennium can continue to deliver now…and in the future.


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