Dr. Alan Lesse: What vulnerable communities need to know about COVID-19

Infectious disease physician Dr. Alan Lesse returns to speak with host Rita Hubbard-Robinson about COVID-19. They review proper mask usage, symptoms to look for, the outlook for a vaccine, and keeping up healthy habits to make yourself more resilient.

This year it’s especially important to get your yearly influenza vaccine. There is now an egg-free version for those with allergies. Ask your doctor if you need any other vaccines (e.g., pneumonia).

They also discuss some alarming trends and potentially reckless behaviors on college campuses. While college students may feel less vulnerable to coronavirus, they interact with many people who are at risk both on and off campus.

Dr. Lesse is the Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Education; Senior Associate Dean for Medical Curriculum, Department of Medicine, Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, SUNY at Buffalo. He is also Chief, Infectious Disease, VA WNY.

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