Improving healthcare for Medicaid patients


Millennium Collaborative Care, is igniting healthcare change in Western New York, by partnering with physicians, healthcare providers and community-based organizations to improve the delivery of health care for medicaid patients.

In order to ignite healthcare change and build partnerships, local physicians, healthcare providers and community-based organizations are encouraged to meet the overall goals set by the state.

1. To achieve the triple aim of improved population health, improved quality care, and controlled costs

2. Reduce avoidable hospital admissions by 25 percent over the next five years

3. Preserve and transform New York’s fragile healthcare safety net to ensure all Medicaid beneficiaries have access to vital services

The Objective of DSRIP Partnerships

The DSRIP program aims to decrease spending by reducing avoidable hospitalizations and Emergency Department visits – requiring hospitals to “restructure themselves.” This means reducing beds, strengthening their outpatient and primary-care focus and improving alignment with post-acute care settings.

Benefits of Being a DSRIP Partner

Funds are given to providers that are meeting DSRIP’s set performance metrics. To obtain DSRIP funds, eligible providers must meet set milestones and metrics.

The state’s long-term goal – DSRIP has a five-year timetable – is to move from a fee-for-service to a value-based system.

While the exact structure and requirements of each DSRIP initiative differ, there is a focus on meeting process type metrics in the early years of the waiver, such as system redesign or infrastructure development, and then meeting more outcome based metrics in later years, such as clinical health or population based improvements.

Key Partners/Collaborators

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The Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) is the lead entity in the Millennium Collaborative Care Performing Provider System.

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