So, one of the first thing you did was invest in human resources?

Gail Speedy Mayeaux:  Yes, and most of our investments with the DSRIP dollars have been in staffing… but not necessarily revenue producing staff. A lot of support staff!

Because in the next iteration, we realized that if we were really going to make a difference in people’s lives, we needed additional Care Coordinators. And then when we received the Maternal and Infant Health Grant, we brought on Community Health Workers; but then we built out data a little bit more. After investing in support staff to continue to strengthen the organization, what was the next thing you did with your DSRIP dollars?

Gail Speedy Mayeaux:  At the same time, we received Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) dollars, so we added a Physiologist and an Ultra Sound Technician because we do a lot of OB; Then, next year the IT person that does both training and runs our programs.

In a Care Management model, those patients that are healthy, you just want to get messages out to them so they do their annual screening, this person manages that.

We also added four Community Health Workers for Maternal and Infant Health,

They do home visiting with our pregnant moms. The goal there is to reduce pre-term labor, to have healthy weight babies, and to ensure that the baby gets immunized and that mom does post-partum visit follow up.

We have two Community Health Workers in Cattaraugus and two in Alleghany county and they do home visiting and they also come on Fridays and participate in a roll call meeting with all of our OB providers, and RN Care Managers.

They discuss what’s happening with patients. It adds into that OB meeting social determinants of health. We have that meeting on Friday so that whoever was on weekend call would know who could potentially come in on labor or who potentially was having a problem, so that they were not going into the weekend cold. What other things did you do with your DSRIP dollars?

Gail Speedy Mayeaux:  We added a Billing staff member to focus on credentials and we added a Clinical Secretary to provide the medical staff more support and an Ultra Sound Tech. We were a 60-person organization in 2014 and we added 20 staff people in 2015.


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