By Katie Gibas
Wednesday, July 26, 2017 at 06:48 PM EDT

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. — Next time you get your hair cut, you can also get a free check of your blood pressure.

Several organizations in Niagara Falls are partnering for the “Barber & Beauty Shop Initiative.”

The goal is to bring cardiovascular health awareness to people at the most comfortable and convenient locations.

Each barber and beauty shop has a small digital blood pressure monitor which customers will put on their wrist to record their blood pressure.

“Once they tell you what the problem is, it could be corrected. It could be fixed. So bad news could be good news. But I stay on top of them about that also. A lot of them have gone and had it taken care of. They come back and thank me for it. They didn’t realize their blood pressure was that high or they had a problem with it.”

There are six participating barber and beauty shops throughout Niagara Falls — Howard’s Hair Salon for Men, Nelson’s Hair Studio, Danny’s Salon, Crispy Cutz, SASS and McWilson’s House of Beauty.


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