By Al Hammonds, CSSBB

As we complete Year 2, Quarter 3 of the Delivery Service Reform Incentive Program (DSRIP), I would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on the results of Millennium’s “Mid-Point Assessment” conducted by DSRIP Independent Assessors Ed McGill and Megan Rurak from the Public Consulting Group.

The Mid-Point Assessment is a key accountability and governance measure administered by the State to ensure PPS performance meets DSRIP expectations for fiduciary responsibility; community and partner engagement; programs quality; organizational efficiency; and complete operational transparency, to name just a few.

DSRIP Independent Assessors Megan Rurak, far left, and Ed McGill, middle right, from the Public Consulting Group meet with members of the Millennium leadership team.

Overall, the process involved teams of Independent Assessors who completed on-site visits during the recent quarter to each of the 25 Performing Provider Systems (PPS) operating in New York State, including Millennium Collaborative Care.

The ultimate product of the Assessors’ on-site visit was an official report evaluation based on a broad range of key criteria including:

  • Project and organizational narratives.
  • PPS lead (ECMC) financial stability test.
  • 360° surveys of PPS partners.
  • Approved DSRIP project plans.
  • Quarterly reports (DY1Q1–DY2Q1).
  • Claims and non-claims data (as available)

In addition to the Assessors’ comprehensive review of overall organizational performance in these areas, the assessment process also enabled PPS’ to respond to specific observations, while also inviting public comment. (The final compilation of Mid-Point Assessment Report documents are available for review on the DSRIP web site:

Based on this final review, and additional recommendations received from our Independent Assessors, Millennium looks forward to submitting “Action Plans” in response by March 2, 2017.

Millennium Mid-Point Results: Very Positive

With the Mid-Point Assessment “purpose”, “process” and next steps briefly covered; I’m very pleased to report that Mid-Point Assessment results received by Millennium overall were very positive!

Positive Results Noted:

  • Of the 25 Performing Provider Systems, Millennium had the second highest response rate on the 360 survey. We had 82 percent response rate and received an average 70 percent approval rating. For example, the 360 survey highlights good success with our communications strategies, as well as ongoing communication related to recent changes to our governance structure.
  • In summary, the Independent Assessors had no additional recommendations for only four of the 25 PPS organizations (Maimonides, Montefiore Hudson Valley, NY Presbyterian Queens, and Staten Island)
  • Millennium received a total of two recommendations:

1) increase our Value Based Payments (VBP) outreach and education efforts (Nine (9) out of 25 PPS received one or more recommendations for VBP); and

2) increase our Primary Care Partner Engagement per Provide Export/Import Tool (PIT File) data which is updated every six months by the Department of Health.

  • We’re well underway towards addressing both of these as highlighted by the appointment of Christine Blidy, our new Chief Network Officer, who will be responsible for the implementation of VBP with our provider partners in the PPS and the Managed Care Organizations.

Additional highlights noted positively by the Independent Assessors included:

  • Millennium is the only PPS in the state with a Medicaid Recipient on our Board.
  • Our Primary Care Plan, execution and process received good feedback.
  • Millennium’s MPA Reference Guides and the level of detail and comprehensiveness included were deemed “impressive.”
  • Millennium’s website and overall communications program (including social media channels Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn) were impressive to the Assessors.
  • The Millennium Health Matters Radio Show – the only PPS show of its kind in the state – was noted for providing community awareness about the Millennium Collaborative Care projects, initiatives and goals. (The show airs Mondays at 1:30 PM on WUFO and is hosted by Rita Hubbard-Robinson, JD, Project Director – Patient Activation Measures and Engagement. You can LISTEN LIVE at: )Looking immediately forward, while we are pleased with our Mid-Point Assessment results, we are by no means resting on our laurels. In fact, we see the results as a springboard to re-double our efforts in the quarter ahead to drive transformational change in close collaboration with our partners for the benefit of the highly valued members of the Western New York Medicaid community.

2016 William C. MacVicar Memorial Awar winner Rita Hubbard-Robinson



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