By Steve Nelson, Director, Value Based Payment and Performance

As the healthcare industry shifts to Value-Based Payment, stakeholders recognize that patient treatment often goes beyond medical care; there are social determinants of health that impact a patient’s wellness.  Community Based Organizations (CBOs) have the expertise to address these social determinants of health including food, housing, transportation, childcare, employment and/or education. These agencies and organizations will play an important role in Value-Based Payment arrangements.

In an effort to prepare CBO partners to position themselves for success relating to New York State Department of Health Value Based Payment Roadmap, Millennium Collaborative Care is rolling out three unique training programs offering VBP technical assistance for CBOs.

CBOs have the opportunity to pick from the following programs:

  • MCC’s Value Based GetSet Readiness Program
    • This is a 15-month program geared toward helping organizations begin to strengthen their internal infrastructure at the operations level, while also addressing sustainability in the Value-Based Payment world.
  • MCC’s Value Based Proposition Program
    • This is a collaborative effort between MCC and Community Partners of WNY that includes two group training programs, designed to assist the organizations to identify and develop their value proposition(s) and recognize and respond to business opportunities.
  • MCC’s Value Based Enrichment Program
    • This four month program offers facilitated sessions led by MCC’s team and guest speakers preparing participating CBOs for VBP including technical assistance, peer mentoring, and group training on creating value propositions.

Each program is designed to strengthen the Community Based Organization’s ability to participate in an outcome driven environment through Value Based Payment Education and Training. 

“Given the importance of Social Determinants of Health in a person’s health outcomes, I am happy that the healthcare system is seeking partnerships with CBO’s,” said Kimberly Backey, Millennium’s Manager of Cultural Competency and Diversity Initiatives who is leading the engagement with community CBOs.  “CBO’s are connected in the community that they serve; CBO’s are the missing ‘links’ that can assist with improving the overall health of the individual.” 

For further information and to sign up for a VBP training program, please contact Kimberly Backey, Manager of Cultural Competency & Diversity Initiatives
t: +1 716-898-6423 | e:


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