Millennium Implementing Initiative to Drive Innovation

Continuing to Accept Applications

By Steve Nelson, Director VBP & Performance

As health care providers speed down the bumpy Value-Based Payment (VBP) highway, the need to “think outside the box” to address quality improvement has never been more needed. Be it new ways to reach disengaged patients or new collaborations with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to address social determinants of health, providers are finding ways to be innovative in delivering care to their most vulnerable patients.

To help drive these efforts, Millennium Collaborative Care introduced an innovation incentive fund this past October. The MCC fund was established to provide incentive to partner organizations to develop innovative programs focused on achieving Delivery Service Reform Incentive Payment Program (DSRIP) performance targets. Applicants are encouraged to establish collaborative partnerships across the full spectrum of care in Western New York. The underlying goal; promote population health and a value-driven management approach by establishing and meeting shared quality- and value-based measures.

To date, the program has received significant interest from MCC partners, with 24 applications for funding received through early March. MCC continues to accept new applications for the incentive. (Interested MCC partners can download the application here Innovation Incentive Program Application  or email for an application.)

To measure success of proposed innovation programs, MCC focused on 17 high-impact performance metrics. Partners are required to address at least one of these specific metrics and identify both the total opportunity from their patient population and an expected annual impact target; an analytics exercise critical to population health for all providers.

MCC Innovation Fund Performance Metrics

Applicants are also required to supply a detailed description of the program and a specific funding budget. The MCC Innovation Committee reviews all applications for approval. In some cases, partners present their proposal to the Innovation Committee in person.

Millennium is very pleased with the interest to date. Several programs funded through the Innovation fund have already gone live and are showing promising results. Other programs have involved multiple agencies partnering on a regional approach to managing the targeted metrics. This type of collaboration is leading to real system transformation.

“Collaboration is the name of the game”, said MCC Chief Network Officer Christine Blidy. “Through the innovation funds our partners are making great strides in delivery system transformation.”

MCC will profile innovation programs in future newsletters.


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