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Past Shows


12-26/20(Ebony White and Jennifer Woods: Flu Vaccines for Pregnant Moms)
12-19/20(Alexa Wajed and Michele Mercer: Eating for Health)

7/18/20(Dr. Gale Burstein: Erie County Health Dept Coronavirus Response)

7/11/20(National Witness Project: Coronavirus Response Team)

7/4/20(Dr. Linda Pessar: Mental health during coronavirus)

6/27/20(Dr. Linda Pessar: Impact of coronavirus and social unrest)
6/20/20(Dr. Chet Fox: Managing Your Asthma During Coronavirus)
6/13/20(Dr. Alan Lesse: The Science behind COVID-19, How It Spreads, and What You Can Do)
6/6/20(Dr. Judith Outten: Impact of Pandemic and Protests on Youth and Children)

5/30/20(Stan Martin: Protect Your Lungs: Tobacco Use, Vaping, and Coronavirus)
5/23/20(DeChantell Lloyd: Ways to Rest and Relax in this Season of COVID-19)

12/18/17(Coronavirus Testing: What to Do When Testing is Available?)
3/21/20(Chef Alexa Joan Wajed: MEZALAND: The Intersection of Health and Nutrition)
3/14/20(Richard Vienne: Behavioral Health and Telemedicine)
3/7/20(Dr. Alan Lesse: Coronavirus: What Vulnerable Communities Need to Know)

2/29/20(Stan Martin and Annette Colden: REACHing Tobacco Initiative Goals)
2/22/20(Canisus College Academic Talent Search Celebrates Black History Month)

1/18/20(Rapha Family Wellness Diabetes Prevention Program Serving Medicaid Clients)
1/11/20(Roger Firestien, PhD: Unleashing your Creativity: Having a Uniquely Improved New Year)


12/17/18(Sandy McDougal, RN, Millennium; Tera Mcllwain, Pharmacist, Millennium; Latonya Diggs, Behavioral Health Manager, Millennium)
12/10/18(Stan Martin, Director/Senior Trainer, CAI Global)
12/03/18(Kelly Asher, Community Coalition Coordinator, Erie County Dept. of Health)

11/12/18(Jane Rosenfeld, Public Relations Liaison, Taoist Tai Chi Society of Buffalo)
11/04/18(Host: Rita Hubbard-Robinson JD, Host, Millennium Health Matters Radio)

10/22/18(Sheila Bass, Coordinator, Healthy Corner Store Initiative; Jocelyn Guthrie, Fitness and Nutrition Instructor)
10/8/18(Rev. George Nicholas, Pastor, Lincoln Memorial; Convener, African-American Health Disparities Task Force))

9/17/18(Mary Carol, Program Director of ECCPASA)
9/10/18(Christine Wolf, Public Health Registered Nurse, Niagara County Department of Health)

8/13/18(Joan Calkins, MD, Village Pediatrics and Rheumatology, Hamburg NY)
8/6/18(Dina Thompson, Board President, and Brandy Loveland, Director of Community Engagement, Erie County Restorative Justice Coalition)

7/30/18(Dee Johnson, Director at the National Witness Project)
Aired on: 7/16/18(Michael Manka, ECMC Chief of Emergency Medicine)
7/8/18(Megan Dumpleton, Project Manager at Population Health Collaborative)

6/25/18(LuAnne Brown, CEO Buffalo Perinatal-Prenatal Network)
6/11/18(Richard Vienne: Importance of Blood Pressure Screening)

5/25/18(Chris Spicer and Andrea Hamilton: Adolescent Health)
5/21/18(Jillian Barone: The Shift to Value-Based Payment)

4/30/18(Kristin Wolf, RN, BSN Nursing Division, Niagara County Department of Health; Jordan Weixlmann, Health and Wellness Coordinator, Erie County Senior Services)
4/23/18(George F. Nicholas, Pastor, Lincoln Memorial United Methodist Church; and Kinzer M. Pointer, Jr., Pastor, Agape Fellowship Baptist Church, Chair, Board of Managers, Millennium Collaborative Care)

3/26/18(Barber Shop Blood Pressure Self-Screening Initiative)
3/5/18(Dr. Sander Koyfman: Why Being Positive is Important to Having a Healthy Life)

2/26/18(Maisha Drayton & Andrea Hamilton: Community Approaches to Reducing STIs)
2/12/18(Russ Maxwell: Is Transportation A Barrier To Getting to The Doctor?)

1/29/18(Jennifer L. Sullivan and Kaelyn Gates: 2018 LungForce Expo and LungForce Walk)
1/22/18(Dr. Kenyani Davis: The Importance of the Annual Doctor Visit)
1/15/18(Demone Smith: Buffalo Employment and Training Center (BETC))


12/28/19(Susan Grinslade and Henry Louis Taylor, Jr.: Preventing and Managing Diabetes)
12/21/19(Jane Rosenfeld: Consider Tai Chi for Your New Year Goals)
12/14/19(Dr. Timothy Murphy and Dr. Henry Louis Taylor, Jr.: UB Community Health Equity Research Institute)

11/23/19(Dr. Suzanne Griffith: What Conversations Should Women Be Having With Our OB/GYN and When?)
11/9/19(Chef Dale Holt: Manna @Northland Soul Food and Healthy Options)
11/2/19(Anthony Sanfilippo and Steve Nelson: The Critical Role of Community-Based Organizations)

10/26/19(Sheila Kee and Steve Nelson: Compassionate Comprehensive Care in the Niagara Falls Emergency Room)
10/19/19(Vicente Rondon and Andrew Mayer: Northland Workforce Training Center Harvest Day)
10/5/19(Dr. Thomas Hughes & Mark Zygaj: Improving How, Where, When Patients Receive Healthcare in WNY)

9/21/19(Esra Mustafa & Tera McIlwain: Influenza and Annual Flu Vaccines)
9/14/19(Emilie Obrochta: Jericho Road Community Health Center Fitness)

1/21/19(Michele Mercer: The Value of a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet)
1/7/19(Annette Pinder, Healthy Living Magazine)


12/18/17(Susan Grinslade, RN: Preventing and Managing Diabetes)
12/4/17(Monica Farrar: Managing Grief During The Holidays)

11/27/17(Doris Carbonell-Medina, Esq.: Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative)
11/20/17(Jocelyn Guthrie: Avoid Weight Gain During The Holidays)

9/11/17(Dina Thompson, Board President, Erie County Restorative Justice Coalition)


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