Millennium recently opened a compliance phone and email hotline.  Compliance issues can be a number of things and should be reported if you see or believe something is happening within the Millennium organization or Partner Organizations.   If you are wondering when to report a compliance issue or what a compliance issue may be, please use the following guidelines.

  1. Not adhering to the Millennium Collaborative Care Compliance Plan
  2. Any type of fraud, waste or abuse of DSRIP funds (i.e. false reporting)
  3. Not adhering to polices and procedure set forth by Millennium, NYS Department of Health, NYS Office of the Medicaid Inspector General, etc.
  4. PHI Breach

Also to help you determine whether an issue should be reported to hotline, consider the following questions:

  • Does the concern relate to or arise in a Millennium project, protocol, or activity?
  • Is Millennium responsible for overseeing the activity giving rise to a concern?
  • Does the matter raise a concern about compliance with this Code of Conduct or Millennium policies and procedures?
  • Is the action legal? Is it ethical?
  • Could the activity/behavior result in harm or risk to the safety of a Medicaid beneficiary or uninsured individual as a result of a PPS project or activity that Millennium is responsible for overseeing?
  • Could the activity/behavior result in financial impropriety or inaccurate reporting about Millennium projects or activities to DOH or other government agency?

The phone number and email address are monitored by Laura Fleming the PPS lead compliance officer for Millennium.
For reporting compliance issues please call 716-898-6555 or email

For general questions or service issues please call 716-898-5389 or email

Laura can be reached directly at 716-898-5880.


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