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  • Premature births is the leading cause of infant death and long-term neurologic disabilities
  • Low birth weight births among Medicaid patints is 9.6% compared to occur 8.1% of other insurance carriers (this is the number one risk for long-term health problems)
  • Inadequate prenatal care occurs 22% of the time.
  • Unintended pregnancies occur approximately 33.2% of the time.
  • Only 69.5% of children have had their recommended number of well-child visits and well-child visits within the first 15 months of life occur only 87% of the time.


Prevention is the best way to stay healthy and services are available to assist with birth planning, prenatal and perinatal care.  Maternal and child health are the building blocks to the health of tomorrows communities.  Millennium Collaborative Care recognizes this and has chosen two projects, Increase Support for Maternal and Child Health and Reduce Premature Births; aimed to improve the health of our maternal and child community.

The first project, Increase Support for Maternal and Child Health will focus its work on advocating for community partners as part of the health care team. Community Health Workers (CHWs) can play an intricate role within public health.  They are uniquely qualified as members of the communities they serve to develop close trusting relationship with other community members. These relationships enable them to serve as a liaisons and links between health/social services and the community to facilitate access to services and improve the quality and cultural competence of service delivery. Millennium initiated the Request for Proposal (RFP) process to find community-based organizations to provide leadership and expertise to achieve the goals of the maternal and child health project.  Millennium anticipates announcing the recipients RFP within the next few weeks.

The second project, Reduce Premature Births will broaden the focus of the entire healthcare team. It will utilize the best evidence based care guidelines for the management of care.  Additionally it will take a look at the innovative models for care delivery to meet the needs of the communities. Utilizing these methods, the most adverse outcomes can be reduces with while developing better health behaviors and care creating a healthier community. Millennium will seek the expertise of the community and maternal/child care specialists for an advisory panel support the achievement of the project goals.

For information and questions on the Millennium projects please contact Sandy McDougal project manager Maternal and Child Health email: smcdougal@millenniumcc.org


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