Additional Health Literacy Training Sessions Offered Oct. 18, Oct. 27 and Oct. 28

Shealyn McCoy, MPH, Program Coordinator, Erie Niagara Area Health Education Center delivers “Health Literacy” training.

To continue to meet the increasing need for service providers to both understand and overcome today’s “Cultural Competency/Health Literacy” challenges; Millennium Collaborative Care is continuing to collaborate with training development and delivery experts Erie Niagara Area Health Education Center (ENAHEC) on offering CCHL training on key topics per the following schedules:

Oct. 17 – Event Agenda


• If anyone would like to attend, please contact Brittany Mitchell:
• Brittany Mitchell, MSW, Program Specialist
• Erie Niagara Area Health Education Center
• 77 Goodell St.
• Buffalo, NY 14203
• Phone: (716) 835-9358 ext. 103
• Fax: (716) 249-6008
• Email:
• Website:


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