By Kathrine Panzarella, CPA, Director of Finance

Millennium continues to recognize the importance of engaging our key partners through the funds flow process to ensure the successful implementation of DSRIP projects and related objectives.

In follow up to the results of the Mid-Point Assessment and communications made, Millennium would like to further clarify our funds flow allocations by partner type for those organizations that executed Master Participation Agreements with the PPS in DSRIP Year 1 (DY1) and/or DSRIP Year 2 (DY2).

The DY1 Master Participation Agreement allocations, based on Millennium classifications, are listed below:

Primary Care $ 3,435,000
Home Health Agencies $ 705,000
Behavioral Health $ 2,060,000
Developmentally Disabled $ 343,000
Hospital $ 1,845,000
Skilled Nursing Facilities $ 1,740,000

* Note: DY 1 allocation payments were made from DY2Q1 – DY2Q3.

The DY2 Master Participation Agreement maximum allocations, based on Millennium classifications, are listed below:

Primary Care $ 4,200,000
Home Health Agencies $ 600,000
Behavioral Health $ 2,710,000
Developmentally Disabled $ 290,000
Hospital $ 2,400,000
Skilled Nursing Facilities $ 1,800,000


Note: DY 2 allocation payments will be distributed in DY2Q4 – DY3Q2 based upon the terms of the agreements and satisfactory completion of the required deliverables.

In some cases, payments for multiple allocations may be made to one legal entity. Generally, the highest rollup is at the hospital level. Community Based Organizations working directly with the PPS do not receive Master Participation Agreements, but rather separate service contracts, if applicable.







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