ECMC/MCC Aggregating/Analyzing ‘Largest Source of Medicaid Client Data Ever Assembled in Western New York Region’

Goal is to Improve, Transform Patient Quality of Care Across WNY Medicaid Population

The ECMC/Millennium electronic data warehouse is being fed by multiple major data streams on a daily basis.
By Peter Ciotta

On any given day, a percentage of Millennium’s 279,000+ Medicaid clients access health care services across Western New York.

Whether it be a planned visit to their doctor for an annual physical; a follow-up lab test; an x-ray or MRI; medication refills at their local pharmacy or emergency room treatment – to name just a few – each interaction generates records, reports, medical images, doctor’s orders, billing statements and more!

Add it all up, and according to Cerner, one of the world’s foremost suppliers of health information technology (HIT) solutions, services, devices and hardware; this collection of healthcare information in all its various forms contributes to 30 percent of the world’s data production.

That’s a staggering concept worth repeating! Almost one third of the data produced in the world comes from health care!

Joe Eberle, Chief Analytics Officer

“The collection of healthcare data is not new. Pencils and paper patient charts have been around for a long time,” explained Joe Eberle, Chief Analytics Officer, Millennium Collaborative Care. “What is transformational is the comprehensive ability to now offer our partner providers access to and analysis of the largest source of Medicaid client data ever assembled in the Western New York region.”


Saralin Tiedeman, Director, Population Health Clinical Performance likens the “before and after” to a healthcare provider previously having access to only a “thin book” on a patient as opposed to an entire “Library of books” they can now tap into via “HealtheEdW”, Cerner’s “electronic data warehouse” (EdW) that ECMC/Millennium has up and running for storage, normalization, analysis and specialty configuration of data.

“We are providing our early adopters including hospitals, primary care and behavioral health providers with an entire library of critical health care information on either an individual patient or an entire group or population of patients,” said Saralin.

Jordon Rabey, Director, Data Analytics

“Our new capabilities now enable a true 360-degree view of our Medicaid population,” added Jordon Rabey, Millennium Director, Data Analytics. “This level of data detail from multiple sources is giving our providers a much clearer picture of key trends or gaps in care. The more detailed the data picture, the better interventions and care solutions can be applied. “


With “HealtheEdW” standing large as ECMC/Millennium’s electronic data warehouse or “library”; Jordon further explained that it is being fed or “stocked” by multiple major data streams including data coming into the system on a daily basis from health plans; clinical data sources; the region’s major hospital systems; Federally Qualified Health Centers; HealtheLINK including ADT Alerts, Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs), Lab and Radiology results; and comprehensive New York State data including Medicaid member rosters and medical and prescription drug claims.

As these data streams flow into the electronic warehouse, Saralin Tiedeman explains they are further segmented into several high-powered data programs or “Library Departments” that offer specific capabilities. These programs include:

  • HealtheCare (Cerner’s care coordination tool) that enables key capabilities including:
    Identification of high-risk patients in need of coordination through custom logic and risk stratification.
    Documentation and tracking of care management outreach efforts.
    Standard assessments and interventions/goals for care management programs.
    Care management staff productivity monitoring.
    Care management dashboards and monitoring of patient/population progress.


  • HealtheRegistries (Cerner’s clinical performance toolset).
    HealtheRegistries consists of four major Registry categories including Chronic Disease Registries; Pediatric Chronic Disease Registries; Cancer Disease Registries; and Acute Conditions Registries.



“ECMC/Millennium has built a big population health management data platform with a high-performance database that can meet just about any data need,” explained Joe Eberle.

“The system can perform predictive risk identification and stratification; identify potentially preventable ED visits and hospital admissions; and display data from 40 wellness, chronic disease management and ACO registries, to name just a few of its major features.

“At the end of the day, the data solutions we can provide are driven by the goals and objectives identified by our partners,” he concluded.

According to Saralin Tiedeman specific examples of current work underway includes actively using the HealtheCare tool for Care Management documentation and outreach; health home activity documentation and tracking; Patient documentation and record keeping; Care manager productivity and Billing.

HealtheRegistries, she added, is being used for Risk Stratification of patient panels; identification of Gaps in Care, especially screening measures impacting Value Based Payment arrangements (Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Diabetic Eye Exams) and individual patient look-up within the longitudinal record.

“The HealtheEdW electronic data warehouse is also enabling us to develop customized dashboards and reports outside of the Cerner standard options,” Saralin added. “Our Data Analytics team is developing a portfolio of tableau dashboards for internal (MCC) and external (network partner) use,” she added.

“We’re very excited about the current work being done by our early adopters,” concluded Jordon. “The amount and quality of the data, and being able to offer great speed, including live feeds, is all about giving our providers the best data tools available to help them eliminate duplication and waste; see and fill gaps much quicker; and provide better more efficient health care to our Medicaid clients.”

Millennium’s Data & Analytics Team: (Back row from left) Jordon Rabey, Director, Data Analytics; Al Seoud, Population Health Analyst ; Miranda Chia, Business Performance Analyst; Saralin Tiedeman, Director, Population Health Clinical Performance; Patrick Gagnon, Operations Support Analyst (Seated from left) Elizabeth Rhoades, Health Care Analyst; Joe Eberle, Chief Analytics Officer; Gina Mucha, Population Health Analyst; Jacob MacKinnon, Population Health Analyst

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