BUFFALO, N.Y. — Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) Corporation and its community partners recently introduced “Buffalo Rising Against Violence at ECMC, or ‘BRAVE.’”

Funded through the New York State Office of Victims Services, BRAVE aims to go beyond treating injured bodies to heal the whole person. BRAVE workers will connect patients and families to culturally sensitive, comprehensive, and multifaceted interventions at ECMC and in the community.

Violence is a public health problem that impacts the entire community. ECMC is committed to serving a vital role in an effort to reduce community violence in Buffalo. As the region’s Level 1 Adult Trauma Center, most victims of violence are treated at ECMC. BRAVE will provide care and services from the initial trauma and continue when the patient returns to the community.

Through BRAVE while the patient is in the hospital: a professional follows the patient during their journey to recovery; a liaison is provided to the patient/family and ECMC staff to ensure medical and communication needs are met; referral is made to spiritual care providers and trauma chaplains; the patient is visited by an experienced representative who understands the patient’s circumstances; help is offered to the victim of violence to make changes in desired areas of their life; a safety plan is created to enable the patient to return to the community for recovery; patient transportation is secured; safety planning is offered; links to mental health and substance abuse services are provided; and family support services are also offered.

Upon discharge, BRAVE in the community provides on-going case management and community resource assistance; referral to primary care physicians; financial assistance with applying for victim’s compensation, food stamps, and SSDI; housing application assistance; legal support assistance; links to education and job training programs, life skills training, recreational and wellness programs.

Those individuals interested in obtaining additional information about the BRAVE program can call 716-898-6461.


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