ClubWest@BestSelf Expands Client Reach

Innovative After Hours Facility Serving Value Network Partners

Jim Butcher, RN BSN, Director of Health Integration for BestSelf Behavioral Health, Inc.

By Peter Ciotta

It’s 3:45 PM on a mild for January Friday, and clients are beginning to gather at the entrance to ClubWest@BestSelf at 430 Niagara Street on Buffalo’s West Side.

Inside the warm and inviting facility, a quiet excitement begins to build as BestSelf staff members make preparations to welcome their guests, many whom they will host until 10 PM closing. Fresh coffee is brewing and pizza slices are plated with care. The X-Box is powered up and large screen TV’s are on; ready to entertain, inform and provide respite and relaxation as they hang in close proximity to several soft couches and abundant tables and comfortable chairs.

A glance at the schedule shows this evening’s planned activities will include “Coping Skills” lead by Dottie and “Mindfulness Sewing” with Julie. This is in addition to open opportunities for a friendly game of ping pong; quiet time in the softly lit Sensory Rooms; or even access to a hot shower and laundry facilities if these are what a client needs. (Please click on the following for a photo tour:  PHOTO TOUR – CLUBWEST@BESTSELF )

It’s now 4 PM, and as BestSelf staff members open the door and welcome each client to one of Western New York’s most innovative facilities, the atmosphere instantly transforms to what you might feel upon entering a good friend’s home: warm greetings are exchanged all around, and as guests come into the room, find favorite seats, remove hats and coats, and in general, become visibly comfortable, you’re left with no doubt that something simple, and yet special, has once again begun. The helping and healing power of people caring for people is on full display. And you know without hesitation that “it’s” working!

“We’ve had guests visit us who have told us they’re amazed at the attendance and activity level, and overall positive interactions they observe,” said Jim Butcher, RN BSN, Director of Health Integration for BestSelf Behavioral Health, Inc., who with Lindsey Kinnaird, RN, BSN, Program Director, oversees the ClubWest program. “They ask us ‘how we do it?’; ‘how do we run this type of program that’s open from 4 PM to 10 PM Monday through Friday; and 10 AM to 4 PM Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays?’ Well, it’s not only our mission to provide this support, but we really love to do it!”

ClubWest@BestSelf Team: From left: Daniel Carter, Counselor Assistant; Alaa Wannas, Client Support Specialist (CSS); Sean Brosius, Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Specialist; Dollie Foster, Peer Specialist; Lindsey Kinnaird, Program Director; Frances Marquez, CSS; Bobbie Woods,  CSS.

BestSelf Behavioral Health Inc., one of Western New York’s largest providers, enthusiastically launched its mission to offer a comprehensive after-hours support program by opening ClubWest “next door” to its clinic at 430 Niagara Street in May of 2019.

ClubWest was initially funded with a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration grant to enable evening and weekend service hours, including nursing services and behavioral health counseling for any client of BestSelf aged 18 and above as per the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic model.

Staffed with nurses, peer advocates, counselors, and a Psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner – available by telemedicine; the program provides care for non-life threatening situations and 24-hour access to medication clinic for refills for current clients, as well as ample opportunity for social interaction, fitness, wellness and cooking classes, and other services to its members.

Most recently, according to Steve Nelson, Director – VBP and Performance, Millennium Collaborative Care, ClubWest@BestSelf was selected for Innovation Program support, which has opened the program to all clients of Value Network, a behavioral health care collaborative (BHCC) independent practice association (IPA) comprised of lead network providers Endeavor Health Services; Horizon Health Services; Spectrum Health & Human Services; and BestSelf.

Jim Butcher describes ClubeWest@BestSelf progam offerings to Steve Nelson, Millennium Director – VBP and Performance.

“By opening the ClubWest programming to other community agencies under Value Network, we’re enabling clients from these agencies to benefit from a great new resource for after-hours social support rehabilitation and medication bridge services, to name just a few,” said Steve.

“ From a DSRIP (Delivery Service Reform Incentive Payment Program) perspective, this provides an Outpatient alternative for immediate access to supportive counselling and medication services for clients who need these services, but do not need Emergency Department or Inpatient level of care. Not only does this improve medication adherence, but it helps decrease preventable visits to local emergency rooms, as well as decrease re-hospitalizations for higher risk clients.”

To learn more about ClubWest@BestSelf’s expanding program, please click on the following link: VIDEO DISCUSSION between Steve, Jim and Lindsey.

For further information contact:

ClubWest| After-Hours Supportive Care@ ClubWest
430 Niagara Street | Buffalo, NY 14201
O: 716.842.0440



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