CBO Success is Goal of Millennium-Developed Value Based Payment Readiness Programs

In addition to the Nov. 6, 2019 Conference, Millennium Collaborative Care has made significant ongoing investment in Value-Based training and coaching for Community Based Organizations including:

  • “Value-Based GetSET Readiness Program”
  • “Value-Based Proposition Program”
  • “Value-Based Enrichment Program”

“The primary objective of Millennium-developed VBP Readiness Programs has been to support integrated, person-centered solutions and health outcome improvement,” said Kimberly Backey, EMBA, Director of Population Health Services and SDOH, Millennium Collaborative Care. “The programs have been directed at participating CBOs that provide direct services related to social determinants of health (SDOH) such a food, housing, transportation, childcare, employment, and education.”

“Ultimately, we’re striving to assist organizations to identify their value proposition(s) and recognize and respond to business opportunities,” Kim continued. “Our goal is to ensure Community Based organizations are positioned for success relating to the New York State Department of Health VBP Roadmap.”

Millennium’s Value-Based GetSET Readiness Program:
• Intensive program based on Health Foundation for Western and Central New York model.
• Program includes:
• Assignment of Consultant to CBO to help organization with capacity-building plan and value proposition statement.
• Assessment of organizational strengths/weaknesses in eight core competency areas.
• Development and implementation of a capacity-building plan.
• Development/enhancement of the organization’s value proposition(s).
• Group-based education sessions on relevant topics and issues.
• Peer mentoring.

Value-Based Proposition Program:
• Collaboration with Community Partners of Western New York (CPWNY).
• Group sessions and technical assistance provided by a contracted VBP expert.

Millennium’s Value-Based Enrichment Program
• Series of webinars and group education sessions led by Millennium and guests.
• Program includes:
• Webinars/educational workshops.
• Creating Value Proposition Statements.
• Transitioning through Change and Creative Problem-Solving.
• Data Gathering for CBOs.
• Contracting.
• Technical assistance on value-based propositions from Millennium staff.
• Peer mentoring.
• Group training on creating value propositions.


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