nygov-logo* Please note as stated below the due date for submitting proposals to the PPS is Friday, August 21st.

Stage 1 reviews of the Capital Restructuring Financing Program applications resulted in a high rate of disqualifications for technical and process-related requirements. Accordingly, the Department is re-opening Capital Restructuring Financing Program (CRFP) RFA# 1504100252 procurement opportunity for a period of 20 days to allow any eligible entity to submit or resubmit a proposal under the following conditions:

  1. Applicants who received a disqualification letter on or about June 29, 2015 that wish continued consideration of their project(s) for funding must resubmit their proposal during this 20 day time period.  This will be required of all disqualified applicants, including those that responded to the original disqualification letter or subsequent follow-up letter from the Department with appeal information.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to take any steps necessary to remedy the situation that prevented their application from qualifying in Stage 1 (Pass/Fail) review.  The requirements of the solicitation will remain unchanged and all applications received during this re-opening of the RFA will be subject to the Stage 1 (Pass/Fail) review process.
  1. Applicants that did notreceive a disqualification letter need not resubmit their applications, but may elect to resubmit a revised proposal.  If a resubmission is not received, applications previously received by the Department that were not disqualified will automatically continue to Stage 2 (Qualitative) review, and no further action by the applicant is required.
  1. Any eligible entity may submit new applications during this time period, regardless of whether they previously applied to this solicitation.

All new or revised proposals as qualified above must be submitted in their entirety to Kelly Showard atkshoward@millenniumcc.org  by Friday, August 21, 2015

More specific directions on the process for resubmitting or submitting applications for RFA # 15-04100252 will be provided on the Department’s website (http://www.health.ny.gov/funding/rfa/1504100252/index.htm).


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